Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The DoD's premier aircraft program currently in development and demonstration phase is a multi-service, multi-variant vehicle, supported by a multi-billion dollar (cost to design and test) autonomic logistics system. That is, support that is supposed to be a visionary state of the art system to provide the user-maintainers unprecedented supportability and affordability (cost 50% below legacy systems) from year 2009 through 2049. Well, it isn’t going to happen as advertised!

To a maintainer timely spares are everything, thus the supply chain management (SCM) system of the eleven DoD logistics elements is where it’s at. The two major problems (there are many more) the prime contractor won't acknowledge are: (1) the subcontractor defining SCM design requirements is using their antiquated 1980's system as a basis for an autonomic requirement, and (2) the Autonomic Logistics department decision level IPTs are top heavy with Air Force retirees (paper pushers) who don't have a clue what Navy and USMC needs are. We hear the Navy is ready to go to war with them!

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